[Album] e:cho feat. - none:t (21.09.2011)

New Album by e:cho feat !!!


[Album] e:cho feat. - none:t (21.09.2011)
1- Picture of the sky feat. Hiroko (RAMPANT)
2- your way feat. Halca (SYN, ex. HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR)
3- 未来への子守歌 feat. Asami (GUARDIAN HACKER, ANEMONE is HERE)
4- find me feat. Eve (ex. Wistaria)
5- COLOR feat. Chisato (everprays)
6- 百の旋律 feat. Yu-Ki (BERRYDRUG)
7- Wish upon a star feat. Haruka (navras)
8- 永遠に幸あれ feat. Ayumi Yamauchi (LANCER>>Bee)
9- 春風 feat. Yoppy (ex. Mechanical Teddy)
10- tamashii no shirabe feat. Hiroko, Halca, Asami, Ayumi and the rest


[PV] e:cho feat. - tamashii no shirabe (mp4)

credits to deathangel

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