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Right there with estate agents and used car for the people, and travel agents are subject to suspicion when it comes to sales tactics and prices. But are you really that size and divide each time you go to the Agency, or book a holiday?
The answer is yes, and yes you should have, given half a chance many of obscene customers, some of them as you can get away with it. With significant resources available on the Internet that most passengers do not walk to the agency until they feel they have a good indication of their destination and current prices. Whatever you are after and common sense is still useful to know how the agents before you decide to use one. There are two aspects of the functioning of the agents in Australia, which affect the service given to you. The first is the way in which you pay the agents. The second is to push products and special company "preferred" as visits (with high levels of the Commission) to customers without disclosing this conflict of interests.
Newsflash is not real here: the agents are paid on commission. But people may not realize that the basic rates of wages are very low, the agents need every dollar that you can push. The wage structure generally works like this:

* The payment is the primary agent, the amount is trivial at best. Principal amount is almost constant between the key agencies and will increase by a factor of little 'more remains in this position.

* They are made on the basis of the additional income paid to the Committee against the agents of the revenue that the different levels of income from each product they sell, very little (say, the transfer of the structure) up to 50% of revenues for the security of travel. It will be "favorite products", such as excursions or trips to have higher levels of income.

* Of the total revenues, and pay a monthly fee of agents, usually on a sliding scale (for more factors in achieving high percentage that you get). This depends on the scale of wages and the agency and some are more generous than others. Without these the base amount is barely enough to live (we're talking burger flipping rates).

* There is enormous pressure on agents to hit monthly revenue targets (whether to make a living), and thus the function and turnover is very high (1-2 years at the fair serves as a travel agent or even the the store manager).

Q: But what about the concessions? And travel agents all the time right? In short there is no savings on flights, especially at this time. Some agencies are better than others, but the advantages of an almost non-existent in comparison with the way in which a time. Travel agents are not always, and when not as cheap as people think. So you need to work, or your father or your mother needs a job with Qantas.

* Some companies pay in a different way so that the focus is on customer service rather than sales. We are not so lucky.

The fact that the Commission will do the job seems to be absent from many customers who think the agents are free to provide advice throughout the day and this is paid. The reality is that they make very little, in fact if you sell something, but on the sales function is pure and simple.

This can lead to some questionable practices stressful too.

What can be loosely defined as a situation where people went? There is a big difference between the payment of extra-time agents overload you and them to hundreds or even thousands, on your vacation.

Reservation cost standard in most agencies is $ 50.00 - $ 100.00, depending on the product sold (less for local travel). May waive this fee in some agencies, rather than the loss of sales if the price is fixed or negotiate with the agent.
These charges are not paid a heavy price to pay for what could be hours of time and the agents (and remember the worker receives only a small percentage of this money - most of them go to an agency), but if you pay more standard fees, and you are paying too much.
Opportunity is likely to have separated from you if you are not able to shop around and get caught up in tactics and enthusiastic sales agent (note always working the most optimistic and enthusiastic).
Agents and reach the size of what you know about your destination, the price of flights and accommodation before quoting a price for you. If you say "Agent is the first time on" your ability to pay too increased significantly.
They can travel for off-road hand fall in this category, or when you move in a maze round the world ticket. While it is fairly easy to book RTW flights to net many people still stick with the agent, and leave them vulnerable to overloading in the process.
Well, unfortunately, is also seen moments of sadness or of any urgent need to get on a flight from many agents and the time to take advantage of vulnerable customers.
In terms of flights, the agents usually have a minimum net rate or are free to add any additional that can get away with it. This is where you can be overloaded if you have not shopped around. There is only minimal, or no price index up for the excursions.
Also consider that some agents are better than others in finding low cost flights. The high prices just be a lack of knowledge of the destination / airline. And many agents spent less than a year in office and can take a long time to learn how to get the best deals for customers, especially on the roads in between. Another reason to check the internet first.
Another area that is to be careful with recovered. It is not uncommon for some to cancel angents overload trips or tours. This can be done simply through an agent to change the terms of the contract between you and the agency where you pay the deposit for the first time or in full (as it does not have direct contact with the airlines). What you can have $ 350.00 cancellation fee on flights can be easily transformed into a non-refundable ticket without the knowledge of the airline or tour. More importantly, it is standard practice (some agancies taken the necessary measures to stop this), but it did not happen. Be very careful and check in another place before you commit to travel expenses may be recovered!
Secondly, and perhaps more than the practice of prevarication, the travel agency is to push your products to customers.
This is not technically a rip off, but if you are after a product impartial advice to avoid most travel agents. And the main agencies and some tourist companies and airlines will also get the highest commissions (which may be twice that of the other tour companies that can sell).
So you book a tour in South America, and you want some suggestions on how the tour operator? Opportunities will be entered using the preferred supplier for agencies that make more money from you in this way. So far there is no legal requirement for agencies to declare a conflict of interest. Just take a look through the shelves of the major agencies, and it will be clear from the standard versions that are preferred providers.
This does not mean that these companies is not an option for a decent, just be aware of some advice does not save substantially. You must ensure that the tour operator suits your needs and not rely solely on the advice and agent for this (please contact the company directly if you have any questions).

It can be applied to this conflict of interest for many of the products they sell. And the biggest agencies, hotels and car rental companies prefer. Almost every product and dirty tricks travel agent, travel agent rip-offs, travel tips, travel tips and there will be a preference to give more money. Agents are often the same goals in mind a bit 'when you sell on holiday.
There are always different incentives for companies and travel agencies to sell their products. It can be an incentive to "sell five flights to get one free" or something like that. This is another reason why agents can give you impartial advice too.
Smaller, independent agencies are more likely to give you impartial advice because they can not get the same deals with tour operators and key players. If you are not sure about the tariffs attached to any of the products, simply ask exactly what is being charged for the agents should disclose any fees for booking on (in some cases these fees may be hidden). If you are suspicious do not fall for any pressure tactics, just walk and checked by another agency or online before the book (there is always another first agency enough).
So, the bottom line is really just about being aware of the possible current prices before you see the agent. You can still get great deals with a good agent (booking via the Internet is not always cheaper) and do not need to be ripped off if you are planning expert. The board of the target and a good agent can be invaluable, just take the advice with a grain of salt produced. I left work and partly because of the pressure to increase the price and the degree to be the company's customers travel with him. Most people work because they love to travel, but can be found at the end of the day, as I did, that the task is not worth the stress.
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