i'm not going anywhere.


Something my amazing boyfriend sent me: *

"I like you a whole ton, cuz you accept me for me and would never try to change me, you make me do my homework so that I can get good grades, you got me to fill out scholarships, because I know I can just be myself with you and you'll be totally happy with that, because you accept my flaws, because even though I'm afraid of being awkward I know even if I do something awkward you won't make me feel bad, because you ask what I think of your friends cuz you want me to like them, because you came up to my work before we were dating, because you've been there for me when I needed you for like the past 2 years, because you listen to me talk about Mary and don't get jealous or say stupid things like "you're not over her" type stuff, because you don't put up with bullshit so I know 99.98% of the time you won't give me any, because I don't have to constantly worry about upsetting you, because you are beautiful and you know it but you don't want to sound like a bitch self centered person, because you don't fish for compliments, because you really couldn't care less what other people think, because you did that drama thing in subway yelling about a moose, because you play cod and don't get upset that I played while you were doing homework, because you've made me 2 mix cd's, because I feel very well like when we hug, because you remind me that you like me daily, even though I'd have to be a complete idiot to forget :) "

A couple texts I've woken up to:
"Good Morning Scarlett Hunt, have I ever mentioned that I like you? Well in case I haven't, I like you, very much, please never leave. THANKS - Kennen"
"Scarlett... I love you"

I think that last one is my favorite. He rarely tells me he loves me because he believes that saying it too much will make it less special, and he's right. Because I hear it so few times, I still get overwhelmed with happiness any time he tells me. I think it's a technique that everyone should use.

So I'm 18 and I've found true, pure, honest love. I'm going to do my best to keep it. Kennen means more to me than sleep, and I LOVE sleep. He's the only boy I've ever been able to picture myself marrying, though we've both agreed that we don't want to do anything that serious until we're out of college. We agree on most important things, and we balance each other well. He helps me be goofy and happy while I help him get down to business. We also know how to keep friends while being in a relationship. If I were to give someone advice about love without having them ask me a specific question, I'd tell them to make sure that you can find the right balance, not just with each other but with the rest of the world. You have to keep other people around because you don't want to be left alone if something goes wrong. Also, age doesn't matter. You can find love no matter how old you are. It may not be the same kind of love that someone else finds, but you can certainly have your own. And when you do find it, hold on to it. It's the best feeling you'll ever have. If it's taken away, remember that you can find joy again. Very few people marry their first love, and I certainly won't be one of those few, but I think 3rd love is just right for me.

I love you Kennen, and I'm not going anywhere.

* reader submission


old zara jacket
hm top
gina tricot jeans
g-star belt
rayban sunnies
opening ceremony boots

picture by stefanie

What I wore last night.. isn't it wonderful how it's almost too hot to wear a jacket even at night here in helsinki..? love it


i want a simple love

weheartit | unknown

Stripes are not allowed on tv, but luckily on radio it's ok

zara dress
lindex cuffs
rayban sunnies
acne boots

photos by stefanie

A cute sale find to almost transfer me to a goody goody girl... I am having too much fun to spend time in front of the computer! Today I spent the day styling one of radio x3m's brilliant rock voices, check out the whole story HERE.


do you believe in soul mates?


Do you believe in soul mates?
I didn't. I used to think that I would never find the person I was meant to spend the rest of my life with in this little town.
I thought I would have to leave and start over new somewhere else to start my life...I thought I would have to leave if I was to ever find my true love.
But then he came along... and it's like everything I ever knew changed. Everything I ever wished for, hoped for, wanted to do... changed.
Because of him. Because i knew that no matter what, he was the guy I was going to spend the rest of my life with.
We took a little while to get to know each other, even though we both practically felt like we knew each other inside out from the first moment we said "Hello."
What we found out though, was that we really were perfect for each other. Were he was speechless, I was there to say what he couldn't. Were I was sad and had shut down, he was there to make everything better again and to put that smile he loves to see on my face..
We had weird moments that I could only laugh about with him..our own little private jokes that we will never forget about. Everything was perfect...he was even into the same taste of weird music as i was into. Because of all this and more, I knew he would be the one.
But lately, it all seems to be changing.. I keep thinking to myself that he still loves me, and he reminds me of this as much as he can..but where I used to see him every day, I only see him about three times a week, maybe less.
Where I used to talk to him every day, now we go days without even a phone call. He got a new job. It keeps him busy, so it's not like he's out there doing things that could potentially break my heart...but all this separation is killing me. I'm proud of him for trying to make his life better, and I wouldn't tell him to give any of it up. But i do wish I would see him more...I wish there would be more hours in the day, more days in the week, just so I could spend a little bit more time with him...
This separation will be good for us in the long run. It will be a test of our love... So far we have had a wonderful 8 months together, and he has become my lover, my partner, my best friend..
I know that we will get through whatever obstacles we come across because I love him and he loves me..
So do you believe in soul mates? Because I do.

quédate conmigo

valeria lazareva + unknown

stay with me.

On air

alexander wang jacket
zara shirt
diy jeans
zara bag
ray-ban sunglasses
alexander wang shoes

Hey everyone! Hope you had a nice weekend? I apologize for the small (but needed) break.. anyway I am back again now!

And guess what? around 3 pm (finnish time) today I will be in the studio on radio X3M!

so if you feel like listening to me in swedish tune in to 98.9 or listen to it live HERE


i want to love. love you.


Everyday I tell myself that your not longer a big part of me. Sometimes I really believe it, sometimes I actually think that you don't mean a god damn thing to me. Every time that thought appears I feel relieved, I feel less vulnerable, it feels like you can't affect me anymore.

I've repeated this thought so many times that I've almost made it true. At the same time it makes me so freaking scared of moving forward, cause what happens when you stop loving someone? What happens when you someday wake up and realize that this person actually doesn't mean anything to you? How can you manage to go from 1000 to 0. Cause that day will eventually come. The only thing you have left is the beautiful memories that you hopefully will carry with you your whole life. But I'm so afraid of that day coming, because I don't want it to. I don't want it to happen because I want to love. Love you.


don't allow those bastards near your heart

this isn't happiness


mango dress
vintage waistcoat
sportsgirl ring

Some field shots from yesterday.. now I am off to the seaside to celebrate mid-summer...

take care of yourselves, my amazing readers!


the best promise you could ever break.

We are so cliche. We finish eachother's sentences, sometimes I think you're a mind reader.

I cannot count the times in a day we say the words "I love you" yet this countless amount never seems like it's enough. I love you infinity past beyond, because this love really does transcend this universe. Your love for me makes me grow childish-a feeling more amazing than could be described- for while everyone is busy trying to grow up and move on, you bring out the joyful youth in me. You've reminded me what being happy is and have shown me that I've been missing out on happiness for far too long. The first time you told me how you felt - that you loved me - my heart seemed to melt and overflow my ribcage. This was a feeling like no other. People say they get butterflies around "that" someone, that they feel all warm and fuzzy inside and that their heart just melts as it is overcome by such a strong and pure emotion. I doubted that possibility, laughed a bit at how cliche it seemed. I mean of course I'd fantasized about the possibility, but I never thought I could feel that way so literally. When we first started talking, you promised you'd never fall for me or see me as anything more than a friend because I was frustrated with the guys in my life who couldn't just be my friend. I thought I just needed a friend. But what I needed was you.

And darling, we are the best promise you could ever break.

We are so cliche. We fawn over eachother, constantly declaring our love and proclaiming every possible reason why our love is the perfect love. We'd get so deep into these conversations of outpouring affection but then try and pull ourselves out, for fear of being too cliche. Like today, when you said we were "losers and oh so cheesy". I told you that "honey, cheesy is what it's called by the people that don't get to experience it. And as far as I'm concerned, as long as it's real then I love it and shall not frown down with 'cheesiness nonappreciation'" . You said "that's probably the most sensical thing i've ever heard". I smiled.

Because that's what I do when I see you, or hear you or read something you write. I smile. You always give me that instasmile. You are the sunshine in my life when I'm a stormy cloud, so together we create a rainbow. And that will never make us cheesy.

I love you, my sunbow rainshine.


Two seconds to breathe

Hiii from finland!! I made it here early this morning.... came home and sat down on our front yard, to chill for a minute. Now just planning to soak up every sunny second, as long as the weather allows. Today we are going out in with my sisters... I've missed these moments!

many sunny pics to come...


no guarantees


A year. Just one year. In that time we have left and re-entered each other's lives way too many times to count. I don't even remember how it first started, how "we" first started. And in the times when we weren't together we were with other people, but it was always like there was this magnet inside of us that only we could feel. As the magnet would move closer, we would become friends, and then all of a sudden it would be like the magnet shattered. And once again we would leave each other's lives. And every time it would shatter just as we were getting closest to something serious between us.

But this last time was different. For some reason the magnet didn't shut off and we got close. Really close. The first time we went out you told me you were going away for two months this summer but I was so wrapped up in the excitement of it all that I pushed it to the back of my mind. Then on the second time, I noticed something had changed. We sat in your car and you stared at me for a while with this longing, sad look. I tried not to think twice about it and the thought of you leaving hadn't crossed my mind in a while.

Then last night, you reminded me that you were leaving. In two days. And all of a sudden I felt this pain in my chest. I brushed it off as I joked about you not hooking up with any girls while you were away but I knew there were no guarantees. And then tonight you tell me you thought it was weird that I would say that because those kinds of rules are only for "a boyfriend and a girlfriend."

So that leaves me. For two months. Sitting here. Hurting. Wondering what you're doing, and who you're with. Two months while I work at some boring, 9-to-5 job. And with no guarantees. No guarantees that you won't have hooked up with another girl, that you won't have stopped liking me, that you won't have missed me, that you won't have forgotten about me.




Carrying one of the beautiful bags that I got from morocco... although I have not worn it on the blog before, it's been a favorite for the past few months. Utterly adore the stamped print, colour, design..  well everything, the rings are also moroccan finds reminding me what a shopping paradise it was for me. Longing back.. I might have to dig out the last remaining photos from there that I never got around posting...

Anyway enough about the past, I am so excited to have yet another term in uni done!! A much needed mini vacation back to Finland over the next weeks could not come a day too early, and just in time for our annual midsummer party... Finns you know what I'm referring to.


City cowgirl

camden hat
zara top
martin margiela bracelet
DIY belt
acne trousers
chloe sevigny x opening ceremony boots

Got a few reminders from the ever so subtle construction workers here in london that it's been a while since I wore a hat! and yes that would be a cowboy hat and I guess that did make me a cowgirl for the day..

For a belt I wore a few strings of leather that were left over from a uni project, works quite well together as a belt right...? maybe I shoud try braiding them next time

as for the boots, I have been wearing them everyday since purchase, and they are hands down my new favorites... so I definitely recommend them, and a little tip that I think they run a bit on the large side....


i miss that feeling...

ph: carlos s.

tiptoes on top of toes

swaying side to side

as if standing on a rocking ship

letting myself go completely.

leaning with the music

as if nothing in the world

not even an unexpected branch

could scrape me as we pass

to and fro, back and forth

trusting in your arms.

held. unafraid.

unafraid because pain and I haven't met yet. I miss that.

take me with you


My camera bag

zara wrap skirt
vintage leather jacket
chloe sevigny x opening ceremony boots

Say hi to my camera bag, that my friend Andy from stylescrapbook designed for kipling! I never really found a bag for my camera that I particularly liked, and this one could not be more perfect... The first edition sold out in less than a day, but don't worry I hear there is a summer collection out soon!

stay updated with Andy if you want one as well..


when the time is right it will happen.

Ciel Photography

Realisations of love and general inspiring thoughts:

I just wanted to say I think the best people in life are the ones that get brokenhearted, time and time again and can still open their hearts to love after the exasperating pain of heart break. Those are the best kinds of people in life.
The ability to love anything and anyone is a gift. And anyone who hasn't found love yet should not fear, because it's fear that drives you to insanity and worry. But its hope that sends you to belief and opens your heart again to love and for love. And once you've found it, and really found it, Love will never let you down. It will be faithful and kind. Love will be beautiful and unpredictable. And even though I haven't found it, I feel all these things for it. I don't know why and I don't know how, but I can tell you I really do believe In love.

I just wanted to say that to anyone who is going through something right now, because I'm in a state of heart broken heartedness, and over my best friend that I have loved to the core of my soul for about 3 years of my life. But unfortunately he doesn't feel the same. He wants to find something better I presume and I'm not that. I've sometimes felt unworthy of love and inadequate, almost useless. But one day I'm gonna get over it and I'm going to find love and love will find me back. And to those who are broken, it may not seem like it now, but take me for example with such an emotional attachment like mine it cannot be overcome in a day. But I know it's gonna happen for me.

Lol I know this sounds like a motivational talk for everyone but I was just feeling inspired. I just wanted to get one of the nice things I was feeling about love off my chest. But of course I'm angry, hurt and frustrated sometimes, that's a natural emotion just know you should be all driven to smile and be happy with the thought of the hope of love.

And to those who have found love, be happy. Don't let go, hold on tight, because he or she is a keeper. And be inspired by that love, because people like myself who long to find 'the one' envy you and can't wait to be in your position.

But I say to myself everyday when the time is right it will happen.

And it will. ;)

I believe in love, do you?

Giving in to my pretending

alexander wang jacket
acne knit
vintage leather shorts
alexander wang shoes
moroccan rings

I took my new finds out for the day as soon as I made it home to change... I did try to be rational and was on the fence about getting the wang jacket as I kept thinking it might serve the same purpose as THIS similar waistcoat.. but came to the not so surprising conclusion that it is a necessary ad to my closet and totally different from anything I already have.. just like all my 10000 pairs of black high heeled ankle boots are completely different from each other.......


dear heart

weheartit + unknown

Female hormones run wild as we get ready to face THAT time of the season

And I am obviously talking about the sales! the wonderful time when everything on your wish list drops to -60 % overnight and somehow giant orange posters make it almost ok to spend your rent on shoes instead...

I scored a beautiful waistcoatshirtthing by alexander wang and a simple white acne knit that I could not resist... Wang patent booties and those lovely chloe sevigny for opening ceremony lace-ups. All almost already worn in, and on it’s way in the next post..

make sure you check out these 10 rules for sale shopping haha..


to those crazy jealous girlfriends


This is to those crazy jealous girlfriends. I have to admit I am one of you. I never wanted to be, never thought I would be, but then I fell in love for the first time and found out what is like to see the love of your life with his ex. Last night I let my emotions get the best of me and freaked out when he hugged her…it was just a hug and I flipped. I don’t understand why I get so jealous. He’s mine all mine not hers and I know that and he knows that and he makes sure that I know that. He loves me with all his heart and shows it even when I get into bitch mode. He is my sweetheart and yet I treat him like shit when his ex walks into the room. He asked me this morning how could anyone that “loved” him treat him they way I did. I didn’t have an answer but now I do. It's because I love him so much because I never want to lose him or see him in someone else’s arms. I want him to be mine forever and at times I get selfish and stupid and freak out for no reason. But it’s because I’m so deeply in love with him. But I pushed him pretty far away last night. So far that I’m not sure he is coming back. But I pray to God that he does. Because if I lose him I don’t know what I’m going to do. So Nick this is my sincere apology. You’re my whole life you’re my whole world. I’m so sorry I turn in to a selfish bitch from time to time, my job in this relationship is to work on that, and I can tell you that I’m going to. And to all those other crazy girlfriends like me this is a warning, don’t let it get to the point of no return, change, it’s that simple. I know how you feel and I understand when jealousy gets the best of you but I’m sure your boyfriend loves you just as much as mine loves me (which is a shit ton) and if we are just crazy and freakin out all the time how are we showing them that we love them back, so work on it, all of you. That’s my advice for the day, basically to sum it all up crazy bitches need to stop being crazy bitches.

Always and Forever,


Recent features

I had the privilege of being featured in some Asian magazines recently! Korean Vogue girl and Nylon Japan to be exact... The Vogue girl story featured a few bloggers and our favorite vintage items. I chose my vintage satchel that I ended up photographing in my kitchen... a selection of some of my favorite old jewellery including a feather bangle, that was a last summer find from Nice. A photo that did not make it to the mag was my kimonos that I expressed my love for before.. photographed next to my shoe wall.

So Hi if there are any new readers out there, and a big thank you to Nylon and Vogue girl for the features!


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