It tells of a talking raven's mysterious visit

chanel sunglasses
eva larsson for lindex top
h&m shorts
london market poncho blanket
marc jacobs bag
prada shoes

pictures by tasha

Pictures taken back in london, that I already long back to... this poncho is my official hungover saver.. love how marykate it is. I am now about to go out in helsinki.. hoping things will never change.

I got these shoes a while ago and I swear they are the most comfortable ever! I am extra excited about the fact that you see how the feet arch - what a turn on.

just kiss me

unknown/love trains

i'm Sorry

andrea huemmer

For blaming you to be the reason for my weight gain and supposed uglinesss. I was still pretty with you. And I'm sorry for never believing you. Because I know my insecurities ended us. But I was so happy at one point.

But now I'm just fat, and sad. Where there was once radiance is now replaced with underlying dullness.

But I know this is the best for us because I'm learning. It really is the hardest way but thats the only way. This pain let's me know that I'm capable of feeling. Sadness is the only passion that lets me know there is blood in these veins. I can appreciate everything. Most importantly, I will appreciate you.

I know you might not want me back for all the terrible things I said. The things I said I wanted. I'm so selfish. I never cared about anyone except for myself. And you cared about me more than you cared about you. I wish I could say the same. I understand that you are completely unattractive to the fact my cravings for experience overpower my cravings for your existence. But its not cravings for experience, but more so, for growth.

So I can feel beautiful without you telling me. So I can learn to handle this messiness. So i can put myself together and be okay. But I need to love myself first before I can love you.





It’s not easy to stand still in this silky fringe poncho, especially when you have the salty breeze of the gulf of finland throwing it around, it’s almost as if it was made for a situation like this, but then again I can see myself wearing it all summer-everywhere. And with the pace that I am stuffing myself with all the amazing food here, it will be the only thing I’ll fit in.

thank you to sweetheart Jillian from headmistress for gifting my with this beautiful ‘easily-mistaken-for-a-butterfly’ feather ring!

i don't believe in love anymore.


I don't believe in love anymore. I once was love's biggest fan. I loved love. I believed in love at first sight, true love, soul mate, all that mushy-gushy stuff the best songs and books are written about. It's what every little girl dreams about. One day my prince will come....blah blah blah. I used to believe in love. I was in love, like I'm talking head over heals, stars in your eyes in L-O-V-E. I loved you with all my heart even though I knew you weren't perfect. You were always more sure about us. Then we broke up for a summer, but our hearts led us back together after three months of not ever really being broken up. When I walked in on you and her in bed, I thought my world would end. But time heals all wounds right? And you were so sorry and it was the biggest mistake of your life and I took you back once again. We were happy again and more in love than ever. Then you said you wanted to move in together when the summer ended. And from there we would live happily ever after, you even knew how you wanted to propose but wouldn't tell me the surprise. I was living every girls fantasy. Against the odds we were soul mates made for one another. You went on your graduation trip across Europe and wrote me romantic emails. Then an e-mail came from six time zones away saying it had all been a lie. A lie? Three years was a lie? What should I be more upset about my broken dreams and broken heart, or the fact that I fell for it? Only fools fall in love, and love played me like a fiddle. So I don't believe in love anymore. Because if you don't believe in love there is nothing to cry about, and I don't have anymore tears to cry. So I gave up on love because it gave up on me.

Teach me how to say...

h&m dress
alexander wang heels

pictures by tasha

Sorry for my absence and the dramatic poses... actually I am well and on a island on the cost of finland, celebrating midsummer in front of the bonfire and with 24 hours of sun light. In other words my summer vacation just started!

hope you all are well and enjoying the summer!


thanks to covert-candy for the feature! you can read my interview here

it transcends explanation


The night we met, is and will always remain a bit of a blur in my mind. Dizzy. Drinking. Dancing. Drunk. Close to tears because I could tell that the person who I was with then wasn’t the person I should be with. In my blurry state, I started to realise that there should be more to love then looking at the stars together, watching the fireworks and kissing in the back of limousines and spas. He wasn’t right for me, and I knew it deep down but my imagination build him up into being someone worthy of my love. We met eyes, we’d heard each others names, maybe passed each other by in the street before. We kept coming back to each other, as if drawn by something unexplainable. We shared a J├Ąger bottle, then you tied your bow tie round my neck. I wandered off. I lost your bow tie. You got angry. You got more drunk and forgot you were angry. we walked back to my friends house. For miles and miles, it seemed. We arrived at a primary school. The door to the principles office was left unlatched. We sat in the principles office. We had a bottle of vodka and wrote messages on the principles desk in shaky writing. Then we heard a strange sound. The security alarm. We ran away. Faster and faster. Down on the beach we walked for miles and miles. A gap between us, you knew the other boy I was with. We watched the stars and heard the surf. We got separated and you couldn’t find your way back from the house. We were close after this. inseparable. I bought you a new bowtie. A light blue one. We were together, but, always just friends. You were there for me to get over how I’d let myself fall for the wrong guy. You were still nursing a bruised and broken heart. I didn’t believe in love, but you convinced me that it was something wroth believing in. You made me want to believe in something – in wishing on shooting stars and being just friends. I thought that I just needed you as a friend. Just you. Nothing more. Nothing less. You were someone to share my secrets with and to cuddle up with when I was having trouble sleeping. You were someone who made me smile. I thought this was enough. It wasn’t anywhere near enough. One night, once again too much had been drunk, on both parts. We were together that night. In the closest way one can be with someone. I discounted all the other times I’d been with other boys. This was different from anything I’d ever know. You were better than whatever came before. Since then, we have been together. You make me cry just about everyday. You know just how to wind me up and you get annoyed over silly things. We have our flaws and our arguments, but you were the one who taught me how to love. I love your hugs. I love your enchanting smile. I love how cute you look when you’re angry. I love how you pull my jumper when you want to put your arm around me.. I love how you’re shy. I love it when I can feel you smiling when we kiss. I love our snuggles. I love how you make me laugh five minutes after making me cry... I just love you for you. I can’t explain why, it transcends explanation.

like i have never been hurt



aqua dress
ysl boots

pictures by Tasha

Playing around in the bathroom of sketch - probably one of my favorites - defiantly one of the coolest restaurant in london.. expect nothing else than a complete mind-fuck in everything from interior to dished served.. and lets not even go there with the drinks.. got to love it, a must see in town - keep all your senses alert.

thank you we love colors for providing me with the socks, who knew there was so many colors in the world...

the problem is my house


Dear J,

The problem is my house. You made love to me in my bed. You spent TV
seasons with me under that black and white blanket on my sofa. You sat
on my front porch talking to my mom, and you snuck in through my
basement window to see me.

The problem is my house. I remember what it feels like to fit kisses
sloppily between our laughs that time on the cabana by my pool. And
the night sky through my window looks the same tonight as it did the
night you had your arms around me. And I can still feel my heart rise
when you threw me playfully onto your shoulders and whirled me around
in front of my mirror.

Never mind that you were my first lover. Never mind that once, you
held my heart in your hand. Never mind that you have discovered all of
me, my every flaw and freckle.

The problem is my house. You’ve left your memory in all the rooms and
your lips on all the cups. Your faded image flickers as it lounges on
my kitchen chair smiling, like a dream my house is having.

I want to let you go. I need to. My heart is mine now; it hasn’t
skipped an honest beat to breath your name in a while. But the problem
isn’t my heart. The problem is my house - ‘cause in it, you’re
everywhere to me.

College is coming in September, and I'll be gone. Away from this house
and this town. Until then, "I'll be seeing you, in all the old
familiar places..."

Love always, G

safe + sound

unknown + seaelves

Double take

zara white shirt
zara skirt
mango dress
golden pony sunglasses
jeffry campbell clogs

pictures by tasha

Two outfits-one inspiration.. I guess me and zara are not the only ones who love everything phoebe philo does for celine... see the original collection here.

+ thank you golden pony for gifting me with these sunnies! I was lucky enough to receive other things from them too.. look for that in future posts... check out the store here

my go-to

anna szczekutowicz

We’ve been through a lot. I met you the first day of college and we quickly became the best of friends. Our budding friend group referred to us as “brother and sister,” inseparable from the start. A few months in, we realized we could be even more, and thus our relationship started. Our friendship grew right along with our relationship. We were best friends, lovers, and roommates-all in one.

Like any friendship or relationship, we had our ups and downs, but we were always together. We were there for each other through thick and thin, no matter what the issue. You went through the worst summer of your life, and I suffered right there with you-your pain was my pain, it went both ways.

It continued on for two years. Then our relationship ended so so badly-we hurt each other until there was nothing left to hurt. You said you couldn’t be with somebody who knew you so well. You wished that we had met 10 years down the road, because then you would’ve married me. That hurt and terrified me. We were both scared, falling out of (a type) of love, and we fought in circles. You unintentionally hurt me more then anybody other has, and in return I intentionally made you suffer for breaking my heart. Our two different relationships were so intertwined, our friendship greatly suffered and by the end we wanted nothing to do with each other.

Another year came along and we went our separate ways, it wasn’t always pleasant seeing each other around town, and that’s putting it mildly. I’m stubborn and argumentative, and you’re difficult and egotistical-not a good combination.

Finally, this spring I decided to try reconciling this deep-seeded hurt. So we started hanging out. While it only happened a few times, each time was wonderful and we connected in the incredible way that we used to, and we were so damn happy. Yet now it must end since we’re both going our own ways for the summer, so I guess we’ll see what the autumn brings.

Like I said, you’re my go-to.

If somebody in my family dies, or my car breaks down, or I need to go to the hospital, or some guy is offensive towards me-you’re the one I’m going to call. And I know it's mutual. It doesn’t matter if we don’t date, or talk all the time, or even see each other. But you know what, we love each other, whether we like it or not, we love each other. So , A., thanks for being my go-to.

Take my hand

rings: lapponia on index, fashionology armor, forever 21 black cross (thank you jane e valentine) and vintage
nails inc. nail polish

Close ups from last night.. I'll show you guys the outfit soon..

and a special thank you to chic modern vintage for the feature!

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