soul mates


We first met when I was 14.

I was crossing the road, and you saw me.

You told your brother to stop the car, right there, in the middle of the road, came down, looked at me, smiled, gave me your card and said "Call me".

I wanted to, but I didn't.

The second time we met, was when I was 15.

I was with my cousins that day, watching the squatter houses getting torn down, and you were there.

You stood on the huge rock, and looked down at me.

I felt someone staring at me, so I turned to look.. and there you were, smiling at me but I looked away.

When I was about to leave, I saw you walking my way, but then the fireman that was there, came over to talk to me just a few seconds before you.. you looked at me, turned and left.

A few months later, we spoke for the very first time.

Yes, I decided to call you and our conversation lasted 2 hours.

We told each other our likes, dislikes, and found out that we had a lot in common.

The next week, I was walking back home, and I saw you on your scooter. With a girl. And you were holding her hand so tightly, it was as though you were never going to let go.

I reached home... sat down.. and all of a sudden...pain rushed through my entire body.. but I didn't cry.. all I could do was think to myself, why does this hurt so much? why did seeing him on his scooter with a girl hurt me so badly? why?

Then I realized.

Even after the first time we met, when you gave me your card, i couldn't stop thinking of you, and that smile of yours.

Did I fall in love? Maybe.

After that day, I saw you with her, everyday and so, I did what was best. I moved on.

5 years went by without thinking of you. I literally managed to block you out of my mind and my life, and life, was going pretty swell for me.

College started, new friends were made, and a loving boyfriend of 3 years was in my life. Life was a bliss.

Semester break came along, and I decided to head home for the month.. and one day, during a walk, I saw you... and you saw me.. you ran across the road and said "Hi!".. all i could do was smile.

Why couldn't I just turn and walk away? It was like my feet were glued to the ground the minute you smiled.

You asked how I was, and I said great.

The next question was "Boyfriend?" I answered "Yes".. you said "Oh" and walked away like you did everytime you heard something you didn't like.

I called out to you and said we can be friends and you smiled and agreed.

We started hanging out a lot. Movies, drinks, surfing, live band shows. You called me up one evening and said to come over to the usual place. i told you I'd be there in 10.

When i arrived, you were up on stage.. That was a normal thing, since you were in a band. You sang Faithfully by Journey and at the end, you said that it was for me.

I froze.

What were you thinking?

what was I thinking?

I had a boyfriend.

Then I snapped back to my reality.

What was happening?

We said we'd be friends. But.. did something happen along the way?

When I woke up that night, I found you next to me. I got out of bed, on to the balcony, and had a cigarette. Shit. I had done something I swore never to do. cheat. Then you came out, and we had a huge argument. the next thing you did, made me blow up.

You called my boyfriend. and told him everything.

He left me. I left you. you sent me a text saying "I hate you", i replied with "Thank you for coming into my life and ruining everything and for making me so blinded that I actually slept with you"

I never heard from you again.

All I could think of after that was what the hell was i thinking? What in the world made me sleep with you? why did I throw away a perfectly good relationship for you? but I didn't put the blame on you. I blamed myself. for being so stupid.

10 years after that day, i'm happily married, with a beautiful daughter, and by the power of facebook, you found me. I accepted your friend request and then while chatting one day, you asked me, what happened to us.

You told me you never forgot me, how my hair smelt after being washed, how I laughed, how I made you happy, how you felt complete when I was next to you.

i told you I never forgot you either. especially your smile.

You said let's run away together. I said no. you're married. I'm married. that's the way it should be.

you said it wasn't.

you said we were soul-mates.

All i said was

"We are soul-mates that weren't meant to end up together. If we had started at the very beginning, we might have been together for a lifetime"

you said maybe in our next lifetime.

i told you that in our next lifetime, when you stop the car in the middle of the road, don't give me your card. just say "Will you be mine".

You agreed but said "I'll just say Will you marry me"

We laughed.

Yes. we are soul-mates, we're not together, but we never forgot one another.

My miu miu

miu miu shoes
gina tricot socks
After loosing sleep at night trying to decide what pair of shoes from the miu miu spring collection would make it in to my closet, I think I finally found peace. I was aiming for the ankle boot version but as it sadly never made it in to production, I made my first rational shoe decision. Instead of the satin printed ones I went for black and worn with socks like this I would say: miu miu effect achieved.

Now you can buy the socks in my store!

tell me i am worth it

jane bird + unknown

Please stand behind the yellow line

topshop boutique top
ashish for topshop shorts
oasis jacket
topshop bumbag
zara boots

Took the train out from the city last weekend and spent a few amazing hours laying in the grass trying to concentrate on drawing instead of falling asleep..  sorry for the not-so interesting ensemble, I just wanted to wear my new bumbag.. which turned out to be very helpful in the case of these ashish for topshop shorts that are quite cool but oh so overly oversized from every angle.

what is love?


I have been in and out of relationships since I was 15 years old. Whether they lasted a year, a few months, or 3 years I have experienced all different kinds of relationships. My first boyfriend,
cared about me a lot and I could care less about him. My second boyfriend, my first love, the person I lost my virginity too, who cared about me as much as I cared about him but in the end it just didn’t work out. My third boyfriend was my best friend since 5th grade and I was the one that cared a lot more than he did me. After that things start to get blurry. I was with guys for a few months at a time and now I’ve realized that I don’t know the difference between
lust and love. How I feel is different than what makes sense logically. My head and my heart can never seem to come to an agreement. When I ask married women how they knew their husbands were the one, they all come up with the same answer, “You’ll just know, you’ll feel it.” Well thank you for that answer, however it doesn’t do me any good. What does that mean? I find myself thinking about my feelings and my thoughts on love constantly. It consumes 95% of my thoughts and about 50% of my time. It’s something that people have constantly wrote about, talked about, and dreamed about so why is it that no one has the same answer let alone the correct answer? It’s something that people will continue to try to figure out and I just hope that in this lifetime I will experience it and hold on to it forever. I will continue to jump from relationship to relationship trying to figure out what it all means and if anyone has the slightest idea what Love is, True love, if there is such a thing please inform me.

when someone knows

tfs + tumblr

Cut me out

finnish villakivi design cut-out cardigan
cos shirt dress
shoes from italy

Really quite hard to advise you on the stuff I am wearing here.. the cut-out knit was something a very nice lady back in Finland sold to me.. bought it a few years back from an interior design exhibition.. where I did not go to buy clothes, but you know, often you find the best stuff in the most random places.. I love that it's made of felt and even if I take it with me everywhere, I hardly ever end up wearing it. I'm confused.. what is it? a knit, a jacket, or maybe a poncho? I would say just a throw-on. A throw-on that I promise I'll wear more from now on.

Raid my closet

Hi everyone, I have been workning on getting my blog shop up and running for a while.. So from now on you can shop 5 inch and up! I will be selling all kinds of clothes, shoes and accessories from vintage to brand new stuff.. Instructions are easy and possible questions can be left in the items comment box.. shoes & more clothes will be added tomorrow!

Loading bay

vivienne westwood top
alexander wang bra top
cos pants
chanel tattoo
zara heels

I just remembered that I have not been wearing my chanel tattoos in a while.. and let's face it, they are not gonna stay cool forever.. so I decided to try the swallow one. It's currently my favorite of the pack and thanks to miu miu, I'm all over anything that has something to do with birds.


I was pleasantly surprised to find myself featured in this weeks style hunter pages in Grazia magazine!

Also huge thank you to clog expert Lindsay for the feature and sweet words on her blog! 

+ of course a kiss to all you lovely readers...


Go on.. no one is counting

jeffrey campbell clogs

Ups.. Yeah I know.. I have to calm down with buying clogs.. or maybe not.. plus I am totally allowed since I am skandinavian and they could pass as our national shoe.. Anyway here is how the story went.. I was in topshop just strolling around with Tasha, catching up on the new stuff when I remembered a rumor I heard about Jeffrey Campbell shoes being sold at topshop...(?) So I thought I'd ask around... No. No sorry we don't. I am afraid, was the answer I got about 5 times until I made it into the section that sells Office shoes... and here I got my answer. The only ones they had left were these clogs, in my size. They spoke to me and I answered. 

So to you UK people that are interested, Office will be stocking Jeffrey Campbell from now on and they will receive a new batch of these clogs in black & tan in mid May. ( ps. these run small, I had to go up a size)
I also have to share the best shoe fitting trick, that I had to use on these. Some of you may have heard of it, works best on leather/suede shoe that feels too tight and rub your feet.. 

1. wear the shoes on bare feet inside your house for a while so you know which part rubs and may cause blisters 
2. buy moleskin tape/ fabric bandaid from the pharmacy and wrap a strip around the sore spot 
3. soak your feet in water then dry them leaving the tape wet 
4. wear your shoes with the wet tape on and the tight parts will mold perfectly to your feet, without stretching the whole shoe.




Alexander wang silk cardigan
cos dress
river island boots
random bracelet
Lapponia ring

The best way to find use for ill-fitting jewellery... is to wear them wherever they fit. My bracelet made it up this far. It's been an awesome week and on monday I'll go back to college again.. I am planning a relaxed sunday including some shopping and hummingbird bakery muffins.


It doesn't get dark until 20.11

topshop boutique knit
vintage bum bag
dune boots

This knit reminds me of the Dries van noten mohair jumper that has been featured about everywhere. Topshop did a pretty good job even if it's not as dreamy as the original.. It is quite huge and keeps sliding down my shoulders non-stop... especially dangerous if worn like this. But what the hell, it's almost summer so I'm thinking maybe I can get away with a little spine cleavage...


oasis jacket
pleasure principle dress
cheap monday glasses
american apparel socks
asos backpack
zara clogs
Lapponia & vintage rings

Wearing my lovely Pleasure principle dress that I want to believe will never date. I have been using it way too much and the draping looks different everytime I pull it on... (?) Not sure if it's a bad thing though..

Hope everyone had a nice weekend, spring has arrived! yes?


Things you need in life

Something I picked up before I went for my holiday were these two pairs of topshop clogs and the Margiela perfume. Also thought I'll show you some of my favorite mags.. Apart from the regular Vogue, Elle and trashy weekly, I love: Purple, Grey, Dansk, Pop, Love, i-D, Dazed and confused, Another Magazine... to name a few. London really is the best place to live if you want to read good magazines.

Shades of black

gina tricot jacket
river island cardigan
gina tricot dress
zara bag
balenciaga boots
chanel tattoos

I know I have a million favorite things but these Balenciagas really are my favorite FAVORITE boots ever.. scored them on ebay last year and keep falling in love with them again everytime I walk by my shoe shelf. Ever experienced that kind of love?

As for you sweets asking about the Chanel tattoos- they last for days and are basically harder to take off than to put on. Applied the same way as the ones you used to get in easter eggs & pony mags. Market opportunity here Kinder, maybe you guys should be smart now and bring them back...

Back in business

 american apparel hat
h&m shirt
chloé boots
 clover at bona drag bracelet
labour and wait at dover street market apron

So nice to be back home... after a month of living out from my suitcase. Finally back to my routine, home and closet. I am forcing spring and wearing this Labour and wait apron, that I got from Dover street market, as a skirt. It kind of works I think.

I am doing a very exciting footwear design internship for the next few weeks.. I'll tell you about it later, hope it goes well!

love to you all xx

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