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Chains of love headpiece giveaway

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my feelings won't change


The message i sent to my lover when he ended things telling me he all of a sudden had no time for or relationship...

There's so much left unsaid that It's got to a point where I'm a mess. I can't keep trying.

I won't lie; I still hope you'll call & probably won't move on properly till you do.
I'm confused that you were just going to leave it though you know what I'm feeling.
Being openly emotional isn't something I do so you know I'm really trying.

We've both had unsuccessful relationships & it kills that you won't give us a chance.
I just wanted to be there for you. No drama, just me & you.
Despite what you have going on I'd support you not stress you. You say your life has a schedule,
I could've worked with that; all I wanted was your time, however much or little.
I need you to know that I would've been different. No lies, control, cheating or games.

Think of the time we spent together. You know we'd have been good for each other.
You made me feel things I'd never felt before then took it away as if it was nothing.
As if I was nothing. No explanation. Imagine how that feels.

I don't know if it's because of what happened or because you truly don't want someone right
now but you will soon enough, we all do, & I'm here. Still wanting you just the way we were.
If you felt everything you said you did you could balance it. But I can't force that.
You have your reasons. I just wish you didn't.

You mean so much to me & you can't tell giving up on us makes you happy.
I meant it when I said I loved you.
We had something. Maybe it's over. Maybe you need time.
Either way my feelings won't change.


Something something somerset house

american apparel shirt
vintage jacket
cos pants
cheap monday sunnies
erin wasson ring
acne boots

pictures by shini

Some more photos from fashion week, outside somerset house.. this was the day I overslept 3 shows in the morning - great.

This whole week is dedicated to the new flat makeover as I want to get as much as possible done before I have to start school again on friday... today I started building such a cool thing.. can't wait to show you when it's ready! again I learned that if you want things done, do them yourself.


until you found me


Paper cuts

martin margiela paper pants and shoes
picture 1, 3 by jill
picture 2 by shini

So finally a shot of the shoes I gave you a sneak peek of while back! made out of paper by the designers of martin margiela indeed. they are so beautiful, especially worn with matching pants, right? I wore them on the last day at fashion week, and am amazed how I managed to keep them white despite from all the coffee consumed... I was told the paper is meant to wear out with time, the pants can be washed and the shoes are leather underneath so any wear would be part of the character.. love the idea but I don't know if I will ever dare to do that...

The shoes will now go up on my shelf, I allowed myself to get them as I decided to categorize them as decoration.. I mean waaaay more multifunctional than a painting!

Thank you to jill from streetstyle london and shini from park and cube for the photos, I hope to see you guys again soon!


For Mum


How many times have I betrayed you? There are betrayals in battle that are infinitesimal compared to my betrayals of you.
I pushed off, away, and against. What was not broken, I destroyed. What you did not care to know, I found out.

You let me. Other times you didn’t let me go easily and I would fight. Sometimes I would get so angry I wouldn’t be able to remember what I said. Then I would leave. Sometimes I wouldn’t come back.

One time, I left and got really lost, in more ways than one. I couldn’t get out of bed. I stayed there in the dark for days. Was it the third day that you opened my door and sat down on my bed? I couldn’t get the words out from inside (I’m lost).

I filled the aching void with tears instead. You cried too.

Get up, you said softly, tears running down your cheeks and wetting my hands. This isn’t you. It’s time to get up.

You didn’t open the window, and you closed the door when you left a minute later.
I lay there, in the darkness. All my darkness.

I was lost, too close to that precipice.

I came upstairs a few hours later, still lost. I think you knew that.

That day you came down into my room, I realized that down in my room, the only one who remembered me was you. That was the year I didn’t know my own reflection in a mirror. That was the year only you found what I had lost.

I remember the day the fog lifted. I was back. I was also almost eight thousand miles away, living in an ancient English castle. I had fled there to find myself, and when I did I realized you’d never once lost me. You were just waiting until I found what you’d known all along. Thank you for waiting, for guarding, for keeping.

I quit running to the unknown after that day. The problem with running towards the void is that it’s incredibly likely you’ll get consumed by all of the uncertainty of the unknown.
I realize that now.

It’s your birthday today. I sat down intending to write something that could somehow express just how much I love you. Instead, I ended up overwhelmed by just how much you love me.

This is the first part of what I know.
Love is a species of flame.

And although all the rest of what I do not know cries out to me (and I must go and know it) I need you to understand—you are my North star. My touchstone. The origin from which I run.

Ultimately, I am always journeying back to you.

Hotelroom 952

american apparel crossback bra
aqua dress and backless blazer
h&m leo dress
A sew snaps from the hotel room in copenhagen. I needed this little break, now back to my london routine.. fashion week photos.. and back to uni..

haha looks like I'll be on my toes even when the heels come off..

never settle


A weekend in copenhagen

From all over copenhagen, where I spent the weekned that went by way to fast. the only shopping day I had time for was sunday.. and with almost everything closed I navigated myself to a little local flea market..  It's much more autumny here then what it is in london that always looks the same.. copenhagen seems to be so totally different to london and have so many great designers aswell.. I hope to visit again soon and really really want to come here for next seasons fashion week!!

hope you all had a great weekend!


I love(d) you.


I love(d) you.

It has been 10 days since we broke up for the second time. It was different this time, we both gave up. I tried to get this relationship back but it's obviously not working.

My heart literally shattered into pieces at the moment you told you're not gonna do anything to save this relationship. And that you're just gonna sit back and let whatever happen, happens. You said, 'If God want us to be together,we will'. But then again, if you love something, you should work for it. It's sad, because you left me hanging.

You told me I'm a Bitch and I never appreciate. You said I never made effort in maintaining this relationship. I told myself to give all up on you.

But then again, I can't. Everyday, I feel so lost. And when our song started playing on iTunes, the feeling I have towards you, it's there. Tears started shedding. Every night, I fall asleep in wet pillow. While you enjoy hanging out with your friends. You told me you were hurting too, but it doesn't seem like it.

And I can't watch any sort of love, romance movies anymore. Because it hurts so badly. I was never those who cried during sad love stories, but now, I am. You turned me into an emotionally weak person.

You promised me forever. You said you were gonna marry me. You said I was the only you loved. You are my first kiss. You told me I'm a good kisser. You said you'll love me for as long as you can. I told you I don't believe in sweet talks. But, you made me believed everything you said.

And then you tore me apart. You broke my heart. Completely.

But I love you, and yet I shouldn't.

You spoiled my whole perspective towards love. Do you know that?

You said we could be friends. So you started texting me as friends. You're giving me hope towards the relationship, a false hope. I tried not to reply, but how could I? Please stop this. It sucks.

One day, I'll be happy again. I hope.

Acne ss11


My fave looks from acne, could have posted the whole collection while I'm at it...
one more day in copenhagen, and then I'm heading back to london!

love xxx

everytime i see you



all saints dress
london market poncho
falke tights
din sko shoes

photos by tasha

Definitely a little wang inspiration here.. I was on the fence if it would be appropriate to wear this nighty dress in daylight but I fell for it and already know how to wear it next! I'm digging the pulled over tights seen at the wang aw show, my friend called it the clueless collection which kinda made my love the look even more...


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